Twitter a Neverending Story (in 140 Characters or Less)

I have to say before getting twitter I wasn’t exactly sold!  Why would you want a Facebook without any of the good stuff, just why?  Even now having had twitter since December, I wouldn’t claim it was my greatest love, I’m not a twitterholic just yet.

While I will admit twitter is not my greatest love, neither is it my arch nemesis.  Twitter can be useful to you, but only (let’s face it) if you don’t constantly tweet instagrams of your dinner – Not cool!

Twitter, Facebook without the good stuff?

So why is twitter good?

  1. You can network with potential employers – even people you haven’t met in person.  Just remember you can tweet anyone.
  2. Improves your writing. Why?  Because twitter has a limited character count, you have to be concise!
  3. Use it to create traffic for your blog or website – tweet your posts!
  4. Building your personal brand
  5. Lets you see your own life as other people do – Gives you almost a new focus when you have to condense what you’re doing into 140 characters or less!

But why is twitter bad?

  1. Obsession – you can end up twitter stalking, just scrolling through page upon page of tweets
  2. Have you got a smart phone or push notifications?  If you have you won’t need this point explaining – the sheer number of noises your phone starts making is enough to drive anyone insane
  3. Tweeting an endless stream of photos of nothing – tweeting has to be of worth to your followers to use it to your own benefit
  4. One for the pretentious – there are claims that peoples use of twitter is damaging their ability to use real language – let’s face it with a maximum character count of 140 there is a tendency to be drawn into the use of slang!

As with everything there are good and bad sides to Twitter, we’ve all just got weigh up those pros and cons.  As I said before I neither love nor hate twitter – just don’t expect 100 tweets a day from me. I can’t even imagine I would have 100 things interesting enough for me to deem worthy of twitter everyday – I’m just not, nor will I ever be a living, breathing twitter machine.

Is your tweeting worthwhile?

Any thoughts on the use of twitter or any other social media for that matter?

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